Apple box nested set. Still photography version

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This nesting apple box set is designed based on suggestions from professional still/portrait photographers who need a nice clean look on the sides of the boxes. Aside from the lack of side hand holds they are the same as the regular sets. 

Product Description

    Nested set of four boxes

  Our unique design, using CNC precision cutting has produced a stronger, more user friendly apple box set that will prove be a long lasting dependable tool for producers of all types of film, video and photography production. They are manufactured using the best Baltic birch plywood available and utilize an aluminum spring loaded dual locking system on the door which can be installed in either direction so you never have to worry about strength and safety of these boxes.


1. 100% Baltic birch and aluminum construction with rabbited joints for maximize strength. 

2. All boxes are standard height and strong enough to park a car on. (see photos)

3. To open the door simply squeeze the spring loaded double latch between thumb and index finger and lift out. Nesting boxes can then be removed and with the door returned the set is ready to go work. 

4. Full 1" high pancake with 3/8" threaded through holes for mounting spuds, sliders, as well as a junior spud receiver.

5. We offer either stained natural or black colour options.The black finish is a dipped finish, not sprayed so the colour is inside and out. You can add a coat of black or clear spray paint to give it better colour fast properties if they are being used outside in wet conditions.

Great for productions where space is at a premium. Cuts down on trips from truck to set.

Specs. & Dimensions.                                                 

inches                                                             metric

Full            20.00" by 12.00" by 8" high           508mm by 305mm by 204mm high

Half         18,3/4" by 10,5/8" by 4" high          476mm by 270mm by 102mm high

Quarter   18,3/4" by 10,5/8" by 2" high           476mm by 270mm by 51mm high

Pancake  18,3/4" by 10,5/8" by 1" high           476mm by 270mm by 25.5mm high


Sold in sets only. Price includes all boxes. 


Size       21" x 13" x 9"     508mm x 305mm x 204mm
Weight  27 lb.                   14kg

Purchaser is responsible for all taxes, duties and brokerage fees that may apply